Harry Paul

aka Harry the Fish Guy 

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About Harry Paul

Why is Everyone Raving about Harry Paul?
Legendary tales are told. Waves of change follow. And, cranky cultures are washed away with the tide. Harry Paul, aka Harry the Fish! Guy is transforming business all over the world with the Fish Philosophy, Creating A Culture of Excellence and Destination: Work!--inspiring organizations with keynote speeches and "hands-on" workshops for leaders and team members.

The Fish Philosophy and Destination: Work has already transformed many of the world's most successful companies. And, now, Harry Paul can help your team by

  • Choose a Winning Attitude: When employees have great attitudes toward work.
  • Creating a Fully Engaged Workforce: Where People turn on the discretionary effort
  • Play at Work: Yes, there's a difference between playing at work and playing instead of work.
  • Manage with Trust, not fear: Without trust there is no engagement
  • Be There: Just because we punch in, doesn't mean we're engaged.
  • Focus on People as well as Performance Numbers: Show people you care about them and they will make the numbers
  • Make Their Day: - High morale, and high spirits, means high customer satisfaction.

As the author of seven world-renowned books, and Co-author of the global phenomenon and best selling business book Fish!A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, Harry Paul  travels the globe infusing fun-and performance-into the workplace. As a motivational speaker, Harry Paul has been called:

"Brilliantly outrageous!"
"An oasis for our dried up culture."
"A mastermind of change."
"A walking parable - he taught us to Fish!"

"Yes! People will get excited about coming to work. They'll engage. They'll perform. They'll produce results like you've never imagined."

Harry's speaking, leadership workshops and books focus on making work fun, creating engaged workforces where your employees say.  "I don't have to go to work, I get to go to work."

Fish story? No way. You've landed a great speaker, motivational expert, and culture consultant - his name is Harry Paul, the Fish! Guy. Sink your hook now, and your team will be talking about it for the next decade!